System Refreshes at Record Speed

The Automated SAP System Copy:
Integration of NetApp© SnapCenter© with Libelle SystemCopy

Libelle and NetApp are united by healthy competition in the HA/DR environment. 
In other fields, however, they have enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership that has now been taken to a new level.

Automated SAP system copies, end-to-end, in record time.

Partner in SAP Systemkopien: NetApp und Libelle

NetApp and Libelle have a long history of working together on SAP system refreshes. Now we have come even closer together. Because with the current releases of NetApp® SnapCenter® and Libelle SystemCopy (LSC for short), you no longer have to worry about creating scripts for integrating snapshots into LSC. Because you now receive the integration practically out-of-the-box. With LSC, the complete pre- and post-processing during the system copies takes place at the push of a button. Of course in the usual optimized form, as has always been the case with Libelle solutions. The result: fully automated SAP system copies.

With the Libelle SystemCopy SnapCenter Edition, these can be set up once in a short time. Afterwards, you start your landscape and system copies simply by pressing the proverbial button. The refresh process is then performed end-to-end, in absolute record time. On-premise, on cloud, or even in hybrid environments. You can find out how you can concretely imagine this in our joint live webinar in which Libelle and NetApp demonstrate the performance of the integrated solution live. 

Our Joint Webinar Dates

Until the end of the year there are no further regular dates scheduled. But we are of course at your disposal on call! 

By the way…

NetApp and Libelle looked at both the technical and commercial aspects of how to make it easier for existing and future joint customers of both companies to make budget decisions, especially at the end of the year. You can also find relevant information in the webinars on SAP system copies, in our joint podcast (available in German only) or by direct contact. We look forward to hearing from you!


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