Smooth SAP® Business Procedures

Keep your business procedures in check. Ensuring continuity.

In times of digitalization for processes and business models, safe, reliable high-quality data is essential. That is why the optimal usage of data in running operations and data consistency over the entire process chain must be guaranteed.


Keeping track of Infrastructure and business processes

The causes of mistakes in system and business processes are often difficult to recognize. For a manual system monitoring time, resources and concentration are often missing. An automated monitoring of your sap system and business processes allows early notifications and comprehensive reaction options.



Saving electronic business procedures

Idoc (Intermediate Document) is an important asset for business procedures. A flawless Idoc-Workflow is essential. The automatization of those workflows increases the process safety drastically. The SAP base is relieved. The department is able to directly run activities.



Saving Master Data quality and consistency

The base for business decisions, digital processes and automatization is well maintained master data. Data consistency and quality are therefore essential: from registration over maintenance to deactivation of Master Data. The entire life cycle of single and mass master data has to be managed with best possible user comfort.


Providing test and training systems

Tests and training with relevant real data guarantee flawless business processes. Regular system copy’s or refreshes are the chosen instruments to achieve that. With our automated solutions complex, time consuming and resource wasting system copy’s are a story of the past. That doesn‘t only satisfy specific departments but also significantly eases work for the IT-Department.

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