All your SAP systems and local SABMONs at a glance with

SABMON Manager

Keep track of your system, error, performance and business process data, even in large SAP landscapes. Use this add-on as an embracing entity for all your SABMON instances. Reduce your SABMON efforts again by using the SABMONManager as the entry point for your regular monitoring and jump into any connected system with a few mouse clicks

Your advantages

  • One embracing entity for all your local SABMON instances.
  • All relevant system and business process data of the entire SAP landscape at a glance.
  • Easily drill-down and jump into the local SABMONs
  • Developed to run within lots of SAP modules and therefore flexible in use.
  • Installation in any SAP systems (also Solution Manager).
  • Utilization of the SAP authorization concept.

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Options and Packages

If the monitoring of SAP systems becomes a challenge: Libelle SABMON is the basis instance for SABMONManager and monitors the system, error, performance and business process data directly in your SAP systems, out-of-the-box with 50+ standard checks. Libelle SABMON allows simple and prompt notifications, automatic correction of known errors. Libelle SABMON offers a clean cockpit that shows the results of all regular, relevant checks at a glance.


If manual IDOC monitoring and management becomes a challenge: Libelle EDIMON monitors and manages your IDOCs automatically. EDIMON allows simple and prompt notifications, distributes problematic IDOCs for manual correction to the according people, and automatically corrects known errors.


Supported Platforms

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, i, z


Applications: SAP R/3 and SAP S/4 running in above mentioned environments

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