Process Automation

Simple, risk-free and safe automation of critical Business operations.

Make the most of your time. Repeating procedures – also in complex SAP environments – for example providing test-, QA- and training systems or master data management, can be automated.


Providing non productive systems

Running system refreshes, system clones and client copies on QA-/test/sandbox systems end to end in record time. On-premises, on cloud, quick and if necessary on call.


SAP process monitoring

Instead of clicking through tons of monitors daily: SAP Monitoring solutions for infrastructure and business processes including IDOC communication with pro active notifications and automatized reactions. Install it once and experience the advantages from the first minute.


Disaster Recovery on demand

If necessary the Hot standby system may be thousand kilometers apart, but is still only a button press away. Not only with hardware failures, also in case of logical flaws the world doesn‘t end, instead the application processes are able to continue within a few minutes.

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