Libelle MDMM – Master Data Mass Maintenance

Mass maintenance of master data for daily care or one-time migrations with

Use template files in MS Excel as well as step-by-step instructions for daily or project-based large-scaled maintenance of SAP master data. Utilize migration and maintenance procedures for a wide variety of master data types. Keep the quality of your master data at a high level with low effort.

Your advantages

  • Predefined and customizable creation and maintenance procedures
  • Out-of-the-box standardized and cutomizable template modules and template files for MS Excel in 5 categories, amendments on regular basis:
    • customer
    • supplier
    • material
    • secondary objects
    • extras (long texts, BDC protocols, classes, class types, characteristics, class assignment, …)
  • No programming skills required.
  • Easy adaptation of the data in MS Excel.
  • Stable mass maintenance in SAP.
  • “Ready to Run” – quickly installed and deployed in 1-3 days.

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Options and Packages

The comprehensive toolbox with all MDxx components for handling the entire lifecycle of your SAP master data.


Analysis of master data on their use in operational processes. Recognize if specific master data is in use or not longer of use in your systems. MDSA is a single component of the MDSS.


Fulfill legal requirements which are brought to you by the GDPR – easy and reliable. MDPT is a single component of the MDSS.


Analysis of master data, based on individual quality rules, if selected fields store the correct data types and/or values. MDQC is a single component of the MDSS.


Workflow-based decentralized creation of master data. Create clear responsibilities, also in business departments. Avoid redundancies and incorrect entries. MDCT is a single component of the MDSS.


Translation tables between source and target numbers and references, eg. to logically integrate legacy or third-party systems into SAP business processes, including individual search help. Simple Search and “Single Point Of Truth”. MDCC is a single component of the MDSS.


Supported Platforms

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, i, z


Applications: SAP R/3 ERP, SAP S/4 ERP

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