Managed Services Special Topics

More than just SAP Basis and Development

Libelle has always been a provider of high-quality standard solutions in well-defined subject areas. We support these not only with our software products, but also with project and operational services.

Especially in the context of our managed services organization, we also have additional thematic priorities besides the pure SAP Basis operation and SAP development:

Management of SAP Master Data

Trust in many years of experience with master data. In addition to the methodology, with the Libelle MDSS we also have the appropriate programs for automated checks and corrections in your SAP system:

  • Check processes
  • Determine master data
  • Define data quality
  • Automate checks
  • Make corrections

Migration of SAP Master Data

Companies and their business processes are agile and change constantly. Master data should follow these changes.

We have many years of project experience and the appropriate tools to migrate or extract all data within your systems. In order to ensure permanent data flows, you can rely on our expert team and the corresponding monitoring programs for automated analyses and corrections.


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