Additionally copy databases at the press of a button without permanent mirroring them with

Libelle OptionDBCopy

Add-on for Libelle BusinessShadow and Libelle DBShadow to copy their databases to a third system at the press of a button.
Add-on for Libelle SystemCopy to run system refreshes completely seamless, without backup / restore.

Add additional target systems for databases mirrored by DBShadow or BusinessShadow (“Copy from Mirror”). For example. set up test and development systems, especially in application environments, which may not be called SAP and do not require complex pre- and post-processing. The Option DBCopy does this for you, including all necessary DBMS settings to get the database as test database up and running.

Or, if you run SAP systems, integrate DBCopy into Libelle SystemCopy or SystemClone workflows for seamless end-to-end system refreshes without having to resort to traditional backup / restore mechanisms.

Libelle Option DBCopy unleashes all the optimization mechanisms from nearly 25 years of DBShadow operating experience to copy databases of any size on third systems; quickly, safely, transactionally correct and resource-conserving, for whatever purpose you need them there.

Your advantages

  • Transfer of the database including standardized conversion of all critical parameters for operation.
  • Full integration into the scenarios of various Libelle solutions.
  • Easiest way to start an optimized database copy at the touch of a button from the known BusinessShadow / DBShadow GUI.
  • Usually significantly faster results than with classic backup / restore mechanisms.

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Options and Packages

If only the databases’ availability is not good enough, but also files and IP addresses need to get mirrored: BusinessShadow is the complete package for databases, file systems and IP addresses, mirroring both single applications and complete application landscapes. Of course, you can also combine BusinessShadow and DBShadow for your landscapes, as needed.

If database availability is good enough  DBShadow is the database-only part of BusinessShadow and mirrors individual databases or entire database landscapes. Of course, you can also combine BusinessShadow and DBShadow for your landscapes, as needed.

If an existing environment shout get refreshed. Same framework, different task repository: Libelle SystemCopy can also be easily combined with Libelle SystemClone and Libelle ClientCopy.

If a new non-productive system based on an existing system is to be built (Sandboxes & Co). Same framework, different task repository: Libelle SystemClone can also be easily combined with Libelle SystemCopy and Libelle ClientCopy.

Supported Platforms

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows

DMBS: HANA, ASE, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, MaxDB, MySQL, and other

Applications: In general: all types of applications running in above mentioned environments

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