Libelle BusinessShadow

Ensure data availability, even in the event of system failures.
Best practice solution for your disaster recovery and availability concepts.


Combination of RPO, RTO and RCO


Delayed mirroring to accommodate to logical errors


Independent of applications


Independent of distance

Data Mirroring in SAP, Non-SAP or heterogeneous Application Environments

Securing individual applications or entire application landscapes at the logical level

In the wake of digitalization, data must be permanently available now more than ever. To ensure a smooth business process even in case of system failures, a solution is needed that consistently protects data and processes and allows you to quickly access them again.

The requirements for high-availability and disaster recovery concepts with critical recovery time, recovery point and recovery consistency objectives are met with intelligent and consistent mirror concepts for database and application environments. Therefore, concepts are in demand that enable the overall and consistent mirroring of the IT landscape.

Admittedly: There are many solutions for mirroring data. But only a few work as single source, both in SAP and non-SAP environments, as well as in heterogeneous application environments. Only one combines all this and consistently reflects applications, databases and file systems on a logical level: Libelle BusinessShadow.


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What do our customers appreciate most about Libelle BusinessShadow?

  • Mirroring of single or multiple applications including databases, file systems and IP addresses
  • Either deployable as a stand-alone HA and DR solution or in combination with preexisting HA/DR solutions
  • No in-depth knowledge of database or file system environments necessary
  • Ability to switch to a failover system with just a few mouse clicks, either to the last known or to a previous data stock
  • Any hardware architectures possible on the involved systems
  • And much more.

“Support has been exem­plary with Libelle resolving issues immediately. I highly recommend the Libelle team for building and managing DR replication.“

Keith Simmons, Director, Information Technology, Professional Transportation, Inc.

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