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WhitePaper: Libelle DataMasking (LDM)

Libelle DataMasking (LDM) enables this anonymization and pseudonymization of critical data in non-productive systems while taking logical contexts into account. LDM can be used universally and independently of the application

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FactSheet: Libelle SABMON

No more boring, time-consuming and confusing monitoring and incomprehensible reports. With SABMON, the System and Business Monitor, you now know that your systems and business processes are operating seamlessly at

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WhitePaper: Libelle EDIMON

Libelle EDIMON has been developed specifically for SAP systems and handles monitoring of the IDoc interface. It is based on ABAP® and designed for the all current and older SAP

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WhitePaper: Libelle SystemCopy (LSC)

Libelle SystemCopy is a framework-based software solution to create fully automated system copies. It furnishes ready-to-go QA or test system with fresh production data. SystemCopy supports single- or dual-stack SAP

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