Libelle DBShadow BasicEdition

Data Mirroring for small environments

Libelle DBShadow BasicEdition provides a simple way to ensure data security in simple structured database environments. In terms of availability and disaster recovery, DR systems can be activated at the push of a button for Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL databases to enable the continued operation of critical applications. The focus of DBShadow BasicEdition is dealing with rather smaller environments, which do without a comprehensive parameterization.

Your Advantages

  • Protection from the consequences of hardware and user errors
  • Protection from natural hazards, sabotage or data loss due to human fault
  • Optimized for small system environments
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Profound expertise is not required
  • In case of emergency: ease of operation at the push of a button
  • Minimal need of resources

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Bigger environments, further databases and operating system types are covered by the classic editions of Libelle DBShadow.


If the availabillity of databases only is not sufficent, but mirroring of directories and IP addresses is required as well: BusinessShadow is the complete package. It mirrors both single applications and complete application landscapes. Of course you can combine BusinessShadow and DBShadow for your landscapes, if necessary.


Supported Platforms

operating systems: Linux, Unix, Windows

database systems: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle (including standard edition)


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