Data Safety & Compliance

Ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data: the ideal way to protect data.

Whether internal compliance guidelines, the DSGVO, master data nightmares, or simply the worry about data loss and hacker attacks, concepts and solutions based on best practices ensure quieter nights. Intelligent anonymization procedures, geo-redundant systems, transparent master data management, and solutions that take the human uncertainty factor into account are the key to this, both in productive and non-productive systems.


Anonymization of non productive systems

The correction concept differs between productive and non productive landscapes? Then there‘s the potential danger that non authorized users have access to personal or other critical/sensitive data. The way to avoid this dilemma: Provide departments extern developers and consultants with anonymous test and result systems with realistic data


Pseudonymization of productive data

The GDPR commends that in certain situations personal data has to be deleted regularly or per request. To stay knowledgeable in front of tax authorities and also to safe your data consistency, the pseudonymization of productive data is necessary.


Georedundancy at its best

For the new recommendations of geo redundant systems, hardware systems quickly reach their business critical limit. Therefore DR conceptions for businesses on premise, Hybrid or On-Cloud exists.


GDPR and usage rights of personal data

Personal data on QA systems are critical. Test cases without logically correct data collections don‘t make sense. Anonymization is a possible way.


Best Practices


GDPR and the right to be forgotten

Personal Master Data has to be deleted regularly or per demand, in perspective of the GDPR. The danger of potential inconsistency is high.


Human risk factor

„Legal“ errors, which can be traced back to the mistakes of employees, can also get just as irritating as volitions of legal guidelines. Both can get quite expensive for different reasons.

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