SAP application development, custom-fit and efficient

Libelle is not only in standard software

SAP ERP is the dominant application system in large and medium-sized companies. Standard processes are served and legal requirements are fulfilled. Customer-specific processes are often not accurate or not reflected at all. Subprocesses and specific functions are missing in the SAP standard software.

Our consultants support you to realize customer-specific requirements quickly and user-friendly by SAP ABAP or Java programming.

Knowledge of the full range of SAP ERP functions, and the targeted use of appropriate tools save costs and time.

For planning and designing of future developments, the know-how of competent consultants is required. Often, the desired feature is already existing in the standard and only needs to be slightly modified. To keep SAP enhancements cost-effective, the knowledge of all existing, but not apparent available standard functions / modules is required. If this know-how is not available, desired functions often get completely redeveloped. And THERE ARE are a number of special SAP tools available for customizing. Choosing the right tool saves both time and money.

Challenge processes and make the right decisions

Libelle supports its customers in the development of SAP extensions by experienced SAP developers:

  • Concept design, realization and troubleshooting
  • Interactive programming
  • Use of web technologies
  • Integration of SAP with other IT components (interfaces, EAI or web services)
  • Reporting with different tools for creating reports

Exemplary focus areas:

  • Individual solution design for customizing and developing software for SAP systems with ABAP and ABAP / OO in all SAP modules.
  • Best Practices tools for creating, maintaining or extracting data in SAP systems.
  • Consulting and support in the field of master and transaction data in SAP systems.
  • Consulting and support in data migration with ALE, EDI, IDOC, RFC and LSMW.
  • Development of workflow processes to optimize your internal business workflow.
  • Enhancement of SAP standard transactions with additional functions.
  • Implementation of individual dialog programs with extended databases.
  • Development of new or modification of your existing forms according to your requirements and the existing technology in your company (eg. SapScript, Smart Forms, Adobe Forms).
  • Implementing interfaces that provide all important data immediately in your SAP system.
  • Application Management Support (AMS).

We offer Homeshoring from Germany!

We enable you to flexibly, partially, temporarily or permanently outtask and/or outsource your SAP development. We consult in concept design and develop according to your specifications, in our offices, in Germany, with many advantages for you:

  • Quality specifications and quality assurance with subsequent support with German, and even better: Libelle standards.
  • Positive external effect, as jobs are not relocated abroad.
  • No general travel costs – however, we are quickly on site if/when needed.
  • No language problems, as all developers speak German.
  • Certified and experienced team of ABAP developers.
  • Coordination and project controlling in Germany.
  • No time shift.

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