Libelle AG. The company.

Libelle AG has been your specialist for automation both in the SAP and non-SAP world for almost 25 years. Our solutions are aimed at the point instead of wanting to map the world model. This is exactly what made us the successful company that we are today.

Specifically, the solution portfolio includes automation solutions in the areas of availability and disaster recovery, anonymization, SAP Basis operation, SAP monitoring, SAP master data. These are spread over five technical business units where developers and consultants work hand in hand. This portfolio is supplemented by project services, managed services, training, etc.

Almost 100 colleagues work worldwide within the Libelle Group, the majority in Germany (Stuttgart, Schwelm, Bochum), but also in the USA (Libelle LLC, Atlanta) and France (Libelle Sarl, Paris). The share of non-technical colleagues including sales can be counted with two hands. Libelle is a technology company that works with a large network of distributors.

Our Management

Our management is characterized by a sustainable cast, which the company has successfully established on the market since 1994. Reliability and predictability towards employees, customers and partners are our objectives.

Hans-Joachim Krüger

Hans-Joachim Krüger, CTO

One of the three founders of the company and head of the entire technology team. Since 1994 and until today to be met day after day in the Stuttgart offices planning, controlling and programming.

Johann Vranic

Johann Vranic, CEO

Since 2020, Johann Vranic, a graduate economist, has been the new CEO of Libelle AG. Together with company founder and CTO Hans-Joachim Krüger he forms the management board duo.

Why Libelle AG?

“I can do everything you do with <SAP/Freeware/Hardware/Scripting/….>”.

Yes, may be. Even if we own some patents, it’s not rocket science, what we do with our software solutions. We do not want to. After all, we want to work transparently for our customers and partners.

But what we do, we do with care. We will not avoid any discussion here. And we allow ourselves to assert:

Yes. But not that targeted and easy to use, not that good and reliable, not that flexible and dynamic, not that comprehensive and sustainable, …

Experience from almost 25 years

Founded in 1994, Libelle has grown from a three-men-one-product-company to a software company that supports thousands of environments at customers of all sizes, with a wide range of products and services . The nature of our software solutions results in the fact that we work in many highly critical environments requiring flexibility but not allowing any fault tolerance.

In short: we know what we do.

Standard software for individual requirements

Since the very beginning of Libelle, we do not (only) think in project solutions but always in standard solutions. All our solutions have been developed together with customers and partners. We solve challenges in practice, not on the green field.

We maintain direct contact with our customers and actively ask for feedback and ideas. All our customers benefit from this because the specific requirements communicated in the dialogue are basically checked for “mass suitability” and, if possible, transferred to the standard as a new feature or as a new solution / add-on / new edition. This is how we increase the added value of our solutions step by step, release by release.

Development, implementation and support from a single source

In addition to high-quality software, we also offer the same in services. We have high expectations for the implementation of our software in the customer environment. Everything is geared towards customers dealing independently with Libelle solutions, not to have a consultant by their side. Nevertheless, the initial implementation including training, documentation and handover is done without exception by Libelle consultants or appropriately registered and certified partners. Without exception.

Even more stringent we are in the support of our solutions: Except for a few OEM exceptions (Libelle technology without Libelle label in clearly defined environments), hotline and support is with Libelle. If it hooks somewhere, WE want to know this IMMEDIATELY and also solve it accordingly.

Depending on the product category, worldwide support is provided out of our locations in Stuttgart and Schwelm / Germany. Without exception, you will reach Libelle Senior Consultants on the hotline. Our first call resolution rate is well beyond 90%. And our existing customers rate us “super” in this regard.

In short, we will not let you down.

The business figures

Even as Libelle is an “Aktiengesellschaft”, its shares are not traded in stock exchanges. All shares are with Executive Board. There is no external money in the company, and thus there is no external influence that might control the company for other objectives and goals than our own. We do what we do out of conviction.

Our History

Since 1994 “Libelle” is a term in the IT world. Starting with the three founders and as a one-product-company with the DBShadow, Libelle developed into a software company that now supports thousands of environments worldwide over the past nearly 25 years .

  • Foundation of Libelle Informatik based in Aidlingen near Stuttgart/Germany.
  • First script-based project solutions


  • First product: Libelle DBShadow


  • Relocation to Stuttgart – until today the headquarters of the company


  • New products: Libelle FSShadow and Libelle SwitchApplication
  • First development partnership with IBM


  • First successes in the US through the partner Aivant LP


  • New packaged solution: Libelle BusinessShadow / Libelle BusinessShadow SAP certified integration


  • Founding of Libelle LLC, based in Atlanta / USA


  • Expansion of the consulting site with the BasisTeam IT Service & Consulting GmbH based in Bochum/Germany
  • New product family: Libelle SystemCopy


  • Founding of the Libelle sarl near Paris/France.
  • Integration of Conforsoft GmbH in Schwelm/Germany.
  • New product family: Libelle SABMON, Libelle EDIMON


  • New product family: Libelle DataMasking


  • New product family: Libelle Master Data Services Suite