How to migrate SAP systems into the Cloud, flexible and at low-risk

Whatever the challenges are on your way into the cloud: we – BasisTeam and Libelle AG – support you with our Best Practices in finding the best-fitting cloud provider and guide you all the way.

With the BasisTeam, our highly-skilled and experienced cloud consultants and migrateurs are at your side. And the cloud-ready Libelle solutions support 
in the matter of security, quality and perfomance on software level. 
Together we guide you on a flexible, low-risk way into cloud operations. Just sign up to one of our webinars:


Cloud Webinar (German)

We highlight the general SAP-on-Cloud scenarios in 45 minutes, give an overview for the most important bullet points for your Pro-Cloud settings, focus the big players in the market, and demonstrate a precise Best Practices model for cloud migration and operations. Sign-in for the webinar (German language)

Cloud Services Flyer

Get a short overview about Cloud Services for SAP systems. Download now!

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