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  • How to create a load balancing infrastructure?
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of these service models. But what does this look like in concrete terms and what challenges can be overcome with laaS?
  • Top 10 Mistakes of Manual SAP® System Refreshes
    We’ve collected the top ten biggest potential issues and failures from manual refreshes, including non-production systems connecting to production after the refresh, refresh delays, and bouncing the incorrect server.
  • Client copy brings SAP systems to a standstill
    Client copy or system copy - What are the advantages of client copy and why do companies do it.
  • Disaster Recovery is a MUST
    Whether it's a natural disaster or human failure, a worst-case scenario like this usually ends up causing an IT outage across multiple sites. Disaster recovery
  • IT security concepts ensure business continuity
    In the course of digitization, data must be permanently available more than ever. In practice, however, it is seen time and again that there are significant disruptions to business operations due to a system failure or loss of data.
  • Under the magnifying glass - system and landscape copies
    SAP® system copy or landscape copy? But how do these two terms actually differ?
  • The cloud ready to touch
    More and more companies are using cloud computing to make their IT infrastructure agile and elastic. We would like to make the topic of cloud even more tangible for you and take a look into the future. The way to the cloud - using the utility model as an example.
  • Anonymous is safer - Data anonymization
    The use of personal data on test and QA systems or for development systems is critical, both in the SAP and other environment.
  • Data Masking Essentials for Cyber Security
    Data Masking protects data by replacing data in test systems or data lakes with fully anonymized data while keeping structure and data essence. But what exactly is Data Masking, how does it apply to Cyber Security, and most important – why should we take it more seriously?
  • A look behind the scenes - Cloud services
    Coud strategies are designed to help companies achieve their goal of maximum value creation.